A philosophy where the technological innovation embraces the message

A successful augmented reality experience should be simple and involve the user. Be grounded in reality. Tell a story. At Blinkl, we talk about augmented storytelling. This is why we have a global approach in the design of interactive paths for our customers. From physical media to digital content

Print & digital

Thanks to all the opportunities of full-web augmented storytelling, let's engage your audience on all of your means of communication.
Retail, influence, collectors, packaging, magazines, books ... The possibilities are limitless !

Web based

Our experiences are created and optimized to be experienced with a simple web browser. Living them requires no application.

Blinkl Stories

After 2 years of research and refactoring, we created an augmented storytelling editor. Blinkl stories is the ideal tool for an independent handling of augmented technologies by storytellers and visual creators.

  • Multimedia web page

    Within our Blinklstories content editor or on your own, create enhanced multimedia experiences. A suitable solution for multi-scan and editorialized routes in the press, cultural mediation and purchasing advice.

  • Web AR

    Real web AR exists! Enhance your message through this new format of interactive 2D & 3D animations.

  • VR & 360 video

    Immerse the user in an interactive experience to discover differently an environment?

  • Interactive 3D viewer

    Thanks to this new format created by Blinkl, objects reveal their stories and come alive. Offer an entertaining  and 3D discovery experience to your users.

Examples ?

We have tested and improved Blinkl Stories on dozens of real experiences, from all sectors of activity and on any medium. Discover them !

See our realisations

Blinkl Studio

Strategy, design, creation, technical implementation ... Specialists in the interactive experience field, we work with you on your augmented experiences.
Blinkl studio is tailored augmented storytelling!

Transmedia creation

360° approach in the design of our customers' interactive experiences from physical support to digital content. Creation of multimedia and 3D content.

Web based and custom designs

We develop our own technology. Drawing on our experience with many clients, we have become specialists in the creation and optimization of interactive content for the web.

For who ?

Augmented storytelling is for everyone! Whatever your aim is, we support you to develop the best uses of our technology.

  • Mediation and education

  • Print and publishing

  • Branding and influence

  • Collectors and retail

  • Entertainment and evenmential