Yellow Korner

Yellow Korner, a famous international network of more than 100 galleries, is the benchmark in the democratization of author photography. They chose to highlight the work of Arno Elias, "I’m not a Trophy", around endangered species. As such, Blinkl was chosen to tell these stories by simply scanning the photographs, without downloading an application.

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  • Avant

    An invitation to live the experience through signage in the gallery, to start the experience from the Blinkl page of the brand

  • Pendant

    Realization of the landing page and creation of the augmented content thanks to the functionalities proposed by Blinkl's content editor. 

  • Après

    A real lever in the store that embodies the artist's work and a sales aid tool for galleries through this "highlight" animation

Interactive exhibition

Through this collaboration with YellowKorner, we open the path to a new way of introducing photography in the gallery. The visitor is seeking information and discovering the author's approach. Adaptable to all audiences, this immersive device is facilitated by the content editor made available by Blinkl and our support on the artistic and editorial choices of the projects.

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