Visa Pour l'Image 

Essential international photojournalism event, Visa pour l'image highlights each year the greatest works carried out in the World. As part of the exhibition “Journal of a photographer”, a monograph retracing 40 years of photojournalism around the work of Alain Keler, we have created an augmented mediation guide: on the scan of the various photographs, the visitor was accompanied by the photographer himself in the discovery of the story behind the images.

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  • Before

    Signage explaining the experience on the program plan and at the entrance to the exhibition

  • While

    Creation of sound legends with the photographer and writing of additional content. Content pages creation with Blinkl template editor

  • After

    More than 2000 visitors engaged in this interactive visit in two weeks of exhibition. A work praised by the Minister of Culture and those responsible for the regional DRAC during their visit to the Festival

The self-guided experience ithout an application 

With fervent visitors to the Festival as part of our team, it was natural for us to collaborate with Visa pour l'Image in the creation of this interactive experience of mediation. More than providing a lot of additional knowledge on often difficult geo-political contexts, it was also an opportunity to re-win the exhibition by creating this direct and privileged link between the author and the visitors.

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