Martin and Nicolas met Romeo Elvis during their studies at the 75, a photography school in Brussels. They founded the Straussphere and began a long-term project on the rapper and his entourage that they bring to life on social networks to an ever larger community. They share, through the interactive exhibition and the augmented portfolio created for the occasion, the behind the scenes of this adventure.

  • Before

    An experience accessible from a simple url and relayed on Instagram to a very large community of fans.

  • While

    Technical and artistic direction on the object and interactive content in collaboration with the artists and the sponsor.

  • After

    Many shares on Instagram by users present at the exhibition and having ordered the increased portfolio.

The Augmented Portoflio

New format created for the collective Straussphere and the Initial Labo, the augmented portfolio "Famille Nombreuse" is an interactive collector's item, recalling the musical universe of the authors. Inside the metal box, ten small-format scannable prints to discover through interviews, backstage videos and photographs, the work of photographers and directors Nicolas Catalano and Martin Gallone.

We accompanied the authors and the Initial Labo on the technical and artistic direction of the entire augmented portfolio as well as on the editing and scenography work of the interactive exhibition during a residency organized in Bretagne.

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