In collaboration with the Take Off XP agency, we supported Mugler on a 3D and interactive retail operation as part of the release of the Angel collector's box set for the holiday season. A retail and influence operation without an application, accessible directly from the brand's social networks and encouraging the community to social sharing.

  • Before

    Retail 3D et interactif

  • While

    Retail 3D et interactif

  • After

    Retail 3D et interactif

The 3D and interactive retail focus

Through this new format, Blinkl offers a new use of 3D in the web for interactive and 3D discovery of new products with high added value. A fun way to catch the user's attention and get as close as possible to a store discovery experience and seller advice. All this, by promoting sharing on social networks thanks to the flexibility of pureweb.

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