The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation, created by social documentary photographer Manuel Rivera-Ortiz, has been supporting young photographers in developing countries for the past 10 years so that they can shed light on the lives of the most deprived and disenfranchised individuals around the world. This year, the Foundation is hosting the exhibition "The Pioneers", organised by curator Nicolas Havette.

From the photographer Wu Cheng-Chang to Mathias Benguigui or Andréa Olga Mantovani, the many artists brought together for this project focused on the rediscovery of the term "Pioneer". Through their works, the public is led to question its own physical, mental and spiritual limits.

Drawing on their work and the theme of this event, we have developed some expanded mediation guides through which every visitor is invited to scan the works to discover the history behind these images.

  • Before

    A tailor-made accompaniment carried out in contact with the artists on the writing, editing, and staging of the contents related to the increase of the works.

  • While

    Installation of signage at the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation to accompany visitors throughout the exhibition on the practices related to the different experiences created for the artists.

  • After

    Interactive experiences welcomed by the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation and its photographers.

The Mediation Guide

As photography is one of the main passions of our team, we are proud to have been able to contribute to the development of these cultural mediation guides by working with the commissioners and artists who made this project possible, despite the context of a health crisis.

On the program, three interactive exhibitions organized with the authors: Andrea Olga Mantovani, freelance photographer, has been interested for nearly 5 years in the social and environmental changes present in the world; Mathias Benguigui and Agathe Kalfas,  documentary photographer and director and artistic director, dedicate their work to the question of identity. They took an interest in the lives of the inhabitants of the island of Lesvos, caught up in the turmoil of the agreements between Turkey and the European Union; Taiwanese artist Wu Cheng-Chang represents, through his photographs, the impact of industrial and commercial development on many natural sites in Taiwan.

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