JouéClub catalog for Christmas 2020

The JouéClub toy distribution network (300 stores in France) asked the french agency Altavia and Blinkl to imagine an interactive device for its 405-pages catalog, reviewing some 2,000 references. With the JouéClub application, children and their parents are invited to scan the pages and discover surprising content, including mini-games.

Each "mission" includes a fun experience adapted to the age of the child and linked to the chosen section. We have designed a wide range of puzzle and skill games, available according to age and theme.

  • Before

    Access to experiences, mini-games from catalogs.

  • During

    Highlighting content with a creative visual and multimedia approach in order to capitalize on interactivity and content creation. The mini-games invite interaction between children, with parents.

  • After

    Possibility for the user to navigate through the experience to all the brand's web channels: online store, selections of toys to compose a wish list, etc.

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