Urban Yard’s animated fresco

Everland, a Brussels-based hotel management company, has taken over the renovation of a new hotel called "Urban Yard."

Based on the work of Pascale Risbourg, an artist specialized in tapestry recognizable thanks to her wallpapers with lush vegetation and her dreamlike world, we have been able to create an augmented fresco in which characters, trees and animals come to life and interact with each other.

  • Before

    A project initiated by artist Pascale Risbourg, in conjunction with Urban Yard. An artist who steered the artistic creation of this new hotel. An exchange on the artistic, technical and animation aspects of an animated journey in augmented reality on one of his works.

  • Then

    An internal creative hub dedicated to cutting out the elements of the fresco and animating drawings to create augmented reality animations, a UX hub dedicated to creating the user journey in three steps and a front hub dedicated to creating a customized landing page.

  • After

    A unique immersive experience that invites hotel guests to scan Pascale Risbourg’s fresco from their hotel rooms to discover the many remarkable monuments of Brussels.

Blinkl, the creative studio 

With this ambitious augmented fresco project, we once again had the opportunity to get our designers to work on the creative part of this project, thus demonstrating our skills in the development of visual content: 3D creation and animation, accompaniment on interactive storytelling (UI/UX), . . .

An experience to live only in Brussels !

To discover this project and the city of Brussels, visit the hotel’s website.

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