Rising figure of rap in Montreal, Fouki develops a rich, warm and committed musical and visual universe. We supported him around a variety of arcade game concepts customized to his universe. His goal: to animate his fan community and allow players to win tickets on tour and gifts from his e-shop thanks to augmented reality without an application.

From digital to the object

  • Before

    An experience accessible by scanning the album or posters of the 2020 tour in a swipe from the rapper's instagram stories.

  • While

    Creation of a complete universe, the Zayzayland, around the rapper with mini arcade games, a mixing workshop and exclusive video accessible through an interactive 3D scene.

  • After

    Social sharing on social networks to win exclusive gifts.

Gaming and influence with augmented reality without application

Take on the challenges of Zayzayland and share your score on social media to try to win tickets on the artist’s 2020 tour. Through this project, a challenge: to make an object, Fouki's album, a gateway to an exclusive digital experience for the rapper community.

In close collaboration with his team, we are very happy to start the year with the launch of this operation to promote the dates of the new tour, but also to reward its fans who support the artist by buying his albums.

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