Le forum des images

Born in 2018 from the fusion between the « Paris Virtual Film Festival » and the « I Love Transmédia Festival », the « NewImages Festival » is an event entirely dedicated to artistic creation in the digital and virtual field. The aim of this great annual event is to make new creative technologies accessible to as many people as possible by focusing on total public immersion. On the occasion of its 2nd edition, we have developed, in partnership whith The Forum des images and TV5 Monde, this original photography exhibition based on the discovery of legendary places in Paris thanks to our image recognition technology and VR without application.

  • Before

    Signage at the entrance of the exhibition and communication on the Festival's networks.

  • While

    Installation of the image recognition device and the 360-degree video without application. In front of each photo, the public is invited to scan the image of their choice to discover the 360-degree film of this monument.

  • After

    An exhibition with an international scope that has been exported to Ecuador.

Interactive VR and 360 video.

Using the many possibilities of our application application-free augmented reality and 360 video technology, we create immersive experiences that can transport an audience into the heart of your exhibition. By asking them to take action to discover your works from a different angle, your public is no longer just a visitor but an actor of their visit. 

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