Fisheye Magazine is a major media of photography in France, spearhead of an eco-system joined by the Fisheye Gallery, an agency and a publishing house. Indispensable window for authors in highlighting new scriptures and experimental techniques. We support Fisheye in creating a bridge between the physical and the digital through the integration of interactive experiences within its various activities.

  • Before

    Communication on social networks and signage in the magazine and gallery to report interactive content.

  • While

    Augmetned content created and laid out directly by the editorial staff with the Blinkl content editor.

  • After

    A collaboration in a global approach creating a link between the physical and digital content of the newspaper and the gallery.

Augmented press

For the past year, Fisheye Magazine and Blinkl have been collaborating on the experimentation of a transmedia approach, aiming to create, thanks to augmented reality without application, digital content exclusive to readers of the paper magazine. In just one click from the magazine's site, readers can scan certain articles and portfolios to find exclusive interviews with photographers.

Photobook Vol.3 

Initiated by Fisheye as part of the Rencontres de la Photographie in Arles, the VR Arles Festival is one of the major VR meetings in France. At the heart of the largest photographic festival in France, it creates a bridge between disciplines. For the 2019 edition, we supported the creation of Olivier Cablat's increased exposure thanks to our image recognition and VR technology without an application.

Fisheye Gallery

We accompanied the Fisheye Gallery on a mediation device to discover the story behind the photographs, but also the prices and possibilities for potential buyers.

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