The virtual adventure calendar Cémoi

French chocolate maker Cémoi collaborates with Blinkl on an annual campaign, focused on five events: Carnival, Easter, Spring Organic, Halloween and Christmas.

To mark the end of the year celebrations, our agency and the Cémoi teams organised an immersive and interactive 360° experience in the animated Cémoi factory: the Virtual Advent Calendar.

An enchanting world designed and animated by our team of designers.

  • Before

    With playful and creative concepts, consumers are invited, via social networks and the Cémoi website, to live a unique experience around the world of the brand.

  • Then

    Around a real dive into the world of the brand, the public discovers through an immersive 360° interactive device the animated factory Cémoi and must find the right numbered gift over the days.

  • After

    An original creation that generates a lead for the brand through the sharing of the moment on social networks and for the public, an opportunity to win every day a great family trip and chocolate moments.

Blinkl, the creative studio that enchants Christmas parties !

With this new project dedicated to the end of the year celebrations, we once again had the opportunity to get our designers to work on the creative part of this project, thus demonstrating our skills in the development of visual content: 3D creation and animation, accompaniment on interactive storytelling (UI/UX), ...

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