For more than 50 years, the BMW Group has been involved in cultural patronage and promotes, through various actions, around a hundred artistic projects throughout the world. By relying on the strong link between aesthetics and innovation, the group affirms its pivotal role in the world of photography and each year supports a prizewinner chosen from a jury of personalities from this universe.

After winning the 2019 edition of the BMW Residence at the Gobelins School, the British photographer Lewis Bush was able to develop his project "Ways of Seeing Algorithmically": a re-actualization of the work of John Berger who, in 1972, made a statement on the sphere of representation that would undergo an information overload that would obscure our own vision of the images around us.

We worked with the artist to create an oversized experience following the cancellation of the “Rencontres d’Arles 2020” where the exhibition was to take place : a virtual gallery.

  • Before

    Upstream work with the BMW Foundation teams on the staging and content of the virtual gallery.

  • While

    An experience accessible from the Foundation’s website where the public is invited to scan Lewis Bush’s digitized works.

  • After

    (a completer)

The Blinkl virtual gallery

With this new feature, we accompanied our client to give life to this mediation project while bringing a real added value:

  • fluidity, simplicity and pedagogy with an engaging user experience.
  • Accessibility of the works for the greatest number thanks to the web.
  • A temporality of the collections adjustable according to the nature of your event.
  • A larger and more flexible volume of works.
  • An important geographical scope facilitating the influence of your collections.

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