The virtual egg hunt of Cémoi

French chocolate maker Cémoi collaborates with Blinkl on an annual campaign, focused on five events: Carnival, Easter, Spring Organic, Halloween and Christmas. On the occasion of the Easter holidays, our agency organised with the Cémoi teams a large virtual egg hunt in their Chocolaterie in Molsheim.

  • Before

    With playful and creative concepts, consumers are invited, from social networks, from the Cémoi website, and from a QR code on the products, to live a unique experience around the world of the brand.

  • Then

    Around a real dive into the world of Cémoi, consumers discover the behind-the-scenes of chocolate manufacturing through an immersive 360° interactive device.

  • After

    The global journey leads to a “winning moment”, offering the lucky chosen ones holidays in France, chocolates and vouchers. Sharing on social networks also maximizes the virality of the device and animates the Cémoi community.

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