The NOOR/PULSE exhibition presented at the Musée de la Photographie in Charleroi from 29 May to 19 September 2021 is an original idea developed by the NOOR collective, the Museum and the Blinkl studio.

Together with their teams, we worked on the development of an augmented mediation guide and photo exhibition offering visual and audio immersion in three languages.

To pay tribute to the various humanitarian, social and environmental works of the NOOR collective, the exhibition highlights key aspects of the collective’s DNA: long-term projects, migration crises and conflicts, and global political and climate issues.

  • Before

    A project created as a result of a successful collaboration with Noor, an independent collective of authors, journalists, photographers, filmmakers and visual artists, for the Unframed project.

  • During

    The exhibition, denouncing global issues, uses a video language that gives access to content augmented by Blinkl.

    Visitors extend their experience through a selected series of original audio, visual and textual archives, guided by in situ signage at the entrance to the exhibition.

  • After

    The exhibition brought together 10,460 visitors, very good figures given the summer period and the particular health situation.

    The organization by Museums and Society of Wallonia of a web workshop containing a presentation by Blinkl of augmented storytelling as well as a presentation of the exhibition and its link with our technology and the reason for its presence in the exhibition.

An augmented exhibition that denounces the current world issues

Through a thematic tour, visitors discover various photo series by 14 artists of the NOOR collective. Individual and collective works rub shoulders on the walls in a large fresco of our history.

A variety of subjects that correspond to the international character of the collective members.

Practical information about the exhibition on the website of Musée de la photographie

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