Pierre de Vallombreuse, photographer and explorer, has been working on the issue of indigenous peoples through the image for more than 30 years. From his meetings in the Amazon, Borneo and Papua New Guinea, he draws a filters-free account of the state of our world and the fate reserved to these populations, caught between the disappearance of their territories, their resources and their rights.

For his new project dedicated to the "Badjaos", a nomadic people of the seas of MalaysiaPierre de Vallombreuse has joined forces with "Éditions de Juillet", the NGO "Survival International" and "Blinkl" to offer the public an expanded book where the reader is led, through the pages, to discover the many themes related to this people whose way of life is now threatened.

  • Before

    The development of a transmedia experience in association with the photographer and the association"Survival International". An experience that places the physical content of the book at the heart of an augmented digital project where sounds, images and testimonials are mixed together.

  • During

    Augmented content that allows the reader to travel to the heart of Pierre de Vallombreuse’s work and discover the many themes and issues related to the people of the Badjaos.

  • After

    A project in the form of an exhibition in which the public is led to discover additional content around the photographs.

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