Ambition Zéro Carbone

As part of the “Ambition Zéro Carbone project, Blinkl supported Fisheye and the McDonald France restaurant chain in the development of a communication campaign around an eco-friendly farm in Autruy-sur-Juine, in the Loiret region.

For the project, our agency’s mission was to show the journalists attending the event, by means of an extended tour, the actions underway at the farm, but also the actions to come, such as the use of drones or more modern tractors.

  • Before

    A work around the scripting of the augmented path of journalists and the creation of animation of innovations.

    A McDonald’s France press kit for journalists and an invitation to the press event.

  • During

    An immersive 360° tour of the farm and the technologies thanks to the scanning of the pebbles and terminals present on the premises.

  • After

    Positive press spin-offs and high visibility of the experience in the media: capital, company, zepros, etc.

The augmented interactive tour

By using interactive narrative again for this creation, we are pushing new boundaries in the use of augmented reality.

Here, this technology doesn’t take over the message, but it carries it, and honors it.

And on this very point we manage to express our deep values:

emotionally involve the audience in beautiful stories, making them no longer just a user, but a user-actor able to immerse themselves in educational and engaging Pure Web experiences.

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