We create for Instagram, the first visual social network.

Published on June 30, 2020

Specialists in pureweb and supporters of the creation of user-friendly augmented experiences, we have been developing our own augmented reality technologies and interactive content on the web for the past 3 years.

Aware of the digital context in which the public evolves, we always put the success of an experience, the story told, rather than a particular technological prism. The technical choice always depends on the objectives pursued. 

Thus, we also put our know-how at the service of creating filtering and gaming experiences directly in social networks, integrating these new tools into the spectrum of augmented storytelling.

A relevant complement to the experiences created with Blinkl

In recent years, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have integrated many augmented reality tools into their functionalities. Although more limited technically, they facilitate the engagement of a community, allowing to reach and entertain its audience easily, where it is already present. 

Targeting many economic sectors: retail, tourism, events, exhibitions, product or brand launches... These formats developed with Spark AR :

  • feed into a brand strategy.
  • help develop sales.
  • build audience loyalty through the simplicity of sharing. 

These experiences integrated within social network applications are, depending on the objectives pursued, sometimes an alternative, often a relevant complement, to the experiences created with Blinkl.

Filters and gaming

In addition to the traditional selfies filters, whose impact and potential are no longer to be proven, Instagram is the first visual social network and offers numerous augmented reality features. 

These same filters are an increasingly interactive interface for creating mini-game experiences, to be played alone or with others and to be shared with one's community.

Moreover, thanks to our expertise in augmented reality, we push the possibilities of the Spark AR tool developed specifically for creation in Instagram and Facebook, leading to more advanced experiences for your brand and cultural actions.