Launch of Dremmwel, the web-documentary book!

Published on June 11, 2020

We are very happy to announce the release of Dremmwel, the web-documentary book by documentary photographer Pierre Vanneste and Nuit Noire Production published by Yellow Now.

Pierre Vanneste is a Belgian photographer and filmmaker, specializing in transmedia documentary. In 2018, the artist had co-signed the web documentary Bargny, here begins the emergence with Laurence Grun on the climatic effects of this town located thirty kilometers from Dakar. He returns here with Dremmwel - "horizon" in Breton - a photographic and web-documentary report on the exploitation of the resources of the sea.

Behind this book, a double ambition. An innovation in the format first, with the launch of this interactive work bringing the reader to many multimedia contents over the pages and placing the printed object at the heart of the digital experience. A documentary which will also be displayed in an exhibition offering the author the ideal format for the restitution of his transmedia approach. Then a commitment to develop and support the work of the author. Where the economic model of traditional web documentaries is struggling to find, exclusive access from a physical object or an exhibition, thanks to Blinkl, takes on its full meaning.