The immersive 360° documentary “A Song of Hope”, a Blinkl production !

Published on July 27, 2021

As a producer of innovative formats, Blinkl is working with artists and professionals to find new ways to reinvent and re-invent the way we tell stories that mix real and unreal, physical and digital.

For this production, we relied on the magnificent work of Spanish artist Rubén Salgado Escuedero. Through a series of photographs taken in Mexico City, the photographer portrays six mariachis who struggle every day to preserve their traditional music. A mission that is more than difficult at a time of global health crisis.

These life paths, made up of photographs and videos shot in 360°, offer the audience a truly immersive and sound documentary lasting about twenty minutes.

An experience in which the audience moves alongside these musicians, passing from the exalted streets of the centre of the capital to the living rooms and rooms of these authentic characters.

An immersion made possible by the use of augmented reality in 360° accessible from a smartphone. The audience has only to scan a photograph to delve into the very heart of Mexico City and the life of this working class, torn between torment, fear and hope.

This strong project has attracted the attention of professionals and enthusiasts. A screening is organised for the 2021 edition of the Photojournalism Festival Visa pour l’image and an exhibition is also planned for September in Switzerland.

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