2020 : digitilize your brand experience.

Published on July 2, 2020

We accompany you in the creation of augmented interactive experiences, on smartphone, to live everywhere and without application. 

Augmented narration and health measures.

We bring an answer to the difficulties of the health crisis, through actions in augmented reality, video 360 and interactive multimedia web page, that everyone can live on his own smartphone, directly on the web : 

  • during a real visit in interaction with his environment.
  • from a print medium by scanning a medium or a product.
  • directly online : website, social networks, mailing, banner ads...

One year already

Becoming an aviator, the success of this 
serious game in augmented reality.

The Air Force wanted to develop a serious game in augmented reality, accessible on the web, in order to engage a maximum of users.

In total : more than 26,000 connections in one month contributed to the notoriety and employer image.

Blinkl and Instagram

We develop our technologies and also create with existing ones, directly in social networks. 

Complementary approach to the Blinkl solution we offer the creation of experiences, filters or gaming, in social networks, further facilitating the engagement of your audience and the loyalty of a community. 

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Dremmwel, the web book - documentary.

We are very pleased to announce the release of Dremmwel, the web-documentary book by documentary photographer Pierre Vanneste, published by Yellow Now, an augmented book where the physical object returns to the heart of the digital experience

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The Virtual Gallery: digitalize your events and exhibitions.

This year, our teams have developed a new and original format for sharing your events with as many people as possible: the virtual gallery.

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