Terms of use agreement

Date of last revision : 15/11/2019

Blinkl description

By using BLINKL and its platform, named "blinklstories", you agree to the terms of this Agreement.

For some of our Services you may have additional terms and conditions to accept so please be aware of this and if there is any conflict between those and this Agreement then the new terms will apply to you.

The Blinkl Services are intended to be used by clients who are 18 and over.

The Blinkl Services require an access to the Web and the use of the camera of mobile devices. 

Application : webservice that enables to recognise images and to augment campaigns. 

Augmentation : association between a marker given by the Client and the content given and set up by the client. 

Client : is the natural or legal person who bound an agreement with Quai des Apps by the present terms and conditions.

Content : datas given by the client, to those the Use has an access to, after the User scans a marker for an experience elaborated by the Client thanks to the platform "blinklstories".

Campaign : access under disposal of the client on blinklstories, in which the CLient can elaborate et validate Content.

Marker : flat image given by the client.

Plateform ou "blinklstories" : website enabling te create augmented campaigns.

User : any person who accesses augmented content elaborated by the Client thanks to blinklstories. 

Description of services

Our web services offers to users image recognition and augmented reality. Quai des Apps is free to update and change services in real time.

Update of our web service

In order to embrace users expectations, we update regularly our service and maintain on-going experiences.

Droits d’utilisation des utilisateurs

Quai des Apps only gives you access to :

Create and publish augmented content in blinklstories. A campaign is the amount of pictures which are possibly recognizable.
visualize datas


Services are strictly reserved to legal people under french Law.
The client certifies using the service to which he subscribed under the conditions which was defined and agreed. Services and informations given under the commercial agreement cannot be sold to any other third party without Quai des Apps' authorization. 

Blinklstories' user agrees to only use services respecting rules and laws so as not to prejudice interests, reputation and brand awareness of Quai des Apps. 

Clients do agree not to trouble services offered by blinklstories and other users of our services and respect privacy of other clients.

It is forbidden to convey contents such as :

  • xenophobia,
  • racism,
  • incitement to racial hatred,
  • pornography,
  • incetement to violence and crimes,
  • injurious contents attempting third party people, and besides their right to intellectual property and private life. 

Client is responsible for his content on the platform. In any case, Quai des Apps cannot be held as responsible for any user's content.

Publisher's commitment

Quai des apps guarantees a 24/24 7/7 services' access. 

But Quai des Apps can however close momentaneously its website in case of service and site maitenance or new functionnalities setting. It has been declared at the CNIL under number 2008207. 

Informations given in forms, marked with a asterisk, must be correct and filled-in. When it is wrong, Quai des Apps services can not treat your request. You are entirely free to have an access to, modify or delete your personnal datas.

You can also oppose to the treatment of your personnal datas, under justified conditions. To make it possible, you have to write a registered letter to us :

Quai des Apps – 46 Rue de Strasbourg 44000 Nantes

Or by e-mail to the address : link@blinkl.com

Collected datas are mainly destinated to Quai des Apps use. But it can also be sent to partners under agreement. 

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