About us

We conceive interactive web augmented experiences for your smartphone, directly accessible from all your communication tools

  • Quai des Apps


    Creation of the company by the 3 founding partners on an activity augmented reality applications. Beginning of the first research phases around the possibilities of Web AR. 

  • The turn : Blinkl


    The company embarks on the Blinkl adventure, recruiting for a major research on the creation of a web based technology.

  • A successful transition


    Our activity is 100% concentrated on our web based, without application, solution. For Blinkl, this is a year of testing, technical improvement, experimentation ... Thanks to projects for major references.

Web based augmented storytelling

Collaborations with artists and the excitement of culture forge our inspiration to create new opportunities for institutions and businesses.

Stories are everywhere: in books, magazines, museums, even in the street ... We draw our creativity to think of new uses, because a successful augmented reality experience must be user-friendly and user-centric.

Augmented storytelling was born out of the desire to provide interactive and engaging visual experiences.

Our team

We are a team of 10, based in Nantes, collaborating on R&D to improve our technology and running our clients' projects.

  • Gwen

    Company Manager

  • Vincent

    Company Manager

  • Bastien

    Company Manager

  • Marie

    Commercial Director

  • Baptiste


  • Tristan


  • Victoire

    Project manager

  • Ivain


  • Florent

    3D developper

  • Dimitri

    Graphic and web designer