Web Augmented Storytelling 

We conceive interactive web augmented experiences for your smartphone, directly accessible from all your communication tools, including websites, social networks, text messages, newsletters   

Scan, discover

An Augmented Experience has to be both user friendly & easily accessible. Blinkl guarantees access to quality content with all the advantages of pure-web technology. Just a link, certainly not an app!


In order to deliver a great AR Experience, you must understand how the process unfolds from the beginning through to the end. Augmented reality storytelling stems from this knowhow

  • Before

    Captivate and engage users through all web and mobile channels

    • Websites
    • Social networks
    • PWA
    • Web campaigns
    • SMS campaigns
    • Print and POS advertising
  • During

    Artistic and technical directions and production, transmedia content

    • 2D & 3D animation
    • 3D viewer
    • VR and 360°
    • Videos
    • Audio
    • Stories
    • Dataviz
    • Gaming
  • After

    Implementation of sharing and CRM tools 

    • Social Networks
    • Newsletter
    • Interaction and User generated content
    • CRM
    • Engaging new users


They chose Blinkl to enhance their clients' augmented experience :