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Première plateforme de réalité augmentée sans application à télécharger.
Réalité augmentée web marketing événementiel tourisme
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Contact us for a trial integration into your communication tools.

A simple and universal access

Blinkl is one click away

from all your digital supports



Your users can access your campaign directly from your mobile site, your Facebook page or Twitter feed, etc.



In one click, your users can scan images, products, magazines and access extra information such as product details, other consumers’ opinion or more?



You give to all your users an easy access to rich contents. Blinkl is the most flexible platform: let your imagination find the most adapted experiences and test them in a few clicks.

Make your products interactive
without altering their appearance

The most flexible and integration ready platform

Blinkl is being imagined and developped to transform augmented reality

in a quick & easy tool for cultural, communication & marketing events.

A platform for cultural events

Offer a digital guide to your visitors and augment your exhibitions, without modifying your physical installation.

Simplified purchasing processes

Surprise your customers with original digital experiences and offer them a quick way to purchase what they are looking for.

Pocket advisor

Make it easy for your customers to get product details, reviews and watch videos.

The first platform offering augmented reality without any extra application download

Offer original experiences to your users

without any extra application download

Easy and flexible

Make your contents evolve during all your campaigns & product life cycle

Analysis & ROI

Monitor your campaigns' impact and adjust to optimize your ROI - Webmarketing as usual.

Maintain the link

Do not impose extra application to download : offer a seamless experience to maintain the link with your customers.

Time to market

Create and promote your campaigns on your websites and social networks in no time.

Learn more about what Blinkl can do to simplify your business